The City of Jefferson Technology Committee is a new advisory board, recently established by the City Council. Its members include 2 City Councilors, 1 City Council youth liaison, 1 Planning Commissioner, and at least 2 City residents.

If you are interested in the present state of available technology in town and want to help improve technology services and communications, research, discuss and evaluate Jefferson's current and future technology needs, then this is the committee for you. 

Please submit a City Volunteer Application to City Hall; 150 N 2nd St., or via email to . Volunteer applications are available for pickup at City Hall, or you can find them on this website under the community information tab, or via request to the email address above.


DATE                                                   AGENDA                              APPROVED MINUTES

JUNE 13, 2018                                     JUNE 13                                   JUNE 13                                      JUNE 7, 2018                                      JUNE 7                                     JUNE 7                                             MAY 23, 2018                                     MAY 23                                    MAY 23                                       MAY 16, 2018                                      MAY 16                                    MAY 16                                     APRIL 18, 2018                                   APRIL 18                                  APRIL 18                                 MARCH 21, 2018                                MARCH 21                               MARCH 21
MARCH 6, 2018                                  MARCH 6                                MARCH 6
FEBRUARY 20, 2018                           FEBRUARY                            FEBRUARY